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Oct 12, 2019

Welcome to Allen Sterling & Lothrop's Home and Garden collection, where you can discover an exquisite selection of hair accessories to elevate your everyday hairstyles. Our extensive range of accessories includes hair clips, headbands, hair ties, bobby pins, and much more. With our high-quality and stylish hair accessories, you can effortlessly enhance your look and make a fashion statement.

Stylish Hair Clips for Every Occasion

At Allen Sterling & Lothrop, we understand that hair clips are essential for both practical and fashionable purposes. Our collection showcases an array of hair clips in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Whether you prefer minimalist, elegant clips or bold and statement-making pieces, we have something for everyone.

From classic and timeless designs to trendy and unique styles, our hair clips are meticulously crafted with attention to detail. Whether you want to secure your hair in place or add a touch of glamour to your hairstyle, our hair clips are versatile and perfect for any occasion.

Elevate Your Look with Headbands

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your hairstyle with our stunning collection of headbands. Our headbands are designed to provide both style and function. With various materials, patterns, and embellishments to choose from, you can find the perfect headband to complement your outfit.

Whether you want a delicate headband for a romantic look or a bold and dramatic one for a special event, our collection has it all. Our headbands are comfortable to wear and suitable for all hair types. They can instantly transform your look and give you a polished and put-together appearance.

Accessorize with Hair Ties

Hair ties are an essential accessory for any hair type and length. Our hair ties are designed to hold your hair securely without causing damage or breakage. With a range of colors, prints, and materials, you can find the perfect hair tie to suit your style.

Whether you want a simple and understated hair tie for everyday wear or a vibrant and eye-catching one for a special occasion, our collection offers plenty of options. Our hair ties are durable, stretchy, and comfortable, ensuring that your hairstyle stays in place all day long.

Secure and Stylish Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are not only functional but also a stylish way to add flair to your hairstyles. Our collection features an assortment of bobby pins in various sizes, colors, and designs. Whether you need to pin back loose strands or create intricate updos, our bobby pins are the perfect choice.

With their secure grip and decorative elements, our bobby pins allow you to create versatile and stunning hairstyles effortlessly. From classic and elegant designs to playful and whimsical options, our bobby pins are designed to suit every personal style and occasion.


Allen Sterling & Lothrop's Home and Garden collection offers a wide range of hair accessories to elevate your hairstyles and express your personal style. With our stylish and high-quality hair clips, headbands, hair ties, and bobby pins, you can effortlessly enhance your look and make a fashion statement.

Explore our collection today and find the perfect hair accessory to match your style and complete your hair looks. With our extensive selection, you'll be able to find the perfect accessory for any occasion.

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I always find stylish hair clips at your store.
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The quality of your products is unmatched.
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The quality of your hair clips is outstanding.
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I'm delighted with the variety of patterns and designs.
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I love the variety of hair accessories you offer! 🌸
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Your headbands are both stylish and comfortable.
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These accessories are so fashionable and versatile.
Oct 12, 2021
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These accessories add a special touch to any hairstyle.
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